About Sweet River

The legacy of honeybees and the Halbgewachs family and beekeeping goes back to the 1400s.  We started Sweet River Honey because we had a passion for the plight of the honeybee.  Each day, we seek to work for a cause bigger than ourselves.  One in every three bites of food is pollinated by a honeybee, a bird or a butterfly and taking care of the honeybee as a pollinator directly affects the world’s food supply.  We have the desire to impact our world for the better. Keeping honey bees safe, healthy, and in a natural environment is our contribution.  It’s our goal to bring you honey that comes directly from the hive, nothing added and nothing taken away.

Our honey is carefully extracted by Sweet River Beekeepers at the point of production and bottled by hand in Driftwood, Texas.  We invite you to explore how honey can benefit you and your family.