“Murder Hornets” and the Demise of the Honeybee

“Murder Hornets” are sweeping through the internet far faster than they are in the physical United States.  You can Google UC Davis Department of Entomology for the real scoop on the Asian hornets, or check out this link.  They aren’t a real threat to honeybees—yet. The REAL THREAT to American…

Honey – Nature’s Elixir

Honey is good for many things.  Some proven and some assumed.  Not all honey is created equally but all pure honey has some benefits.  

The Secret to Saving the Disappearing Honeybees

Something that many of you already know is that our beloved honeybees have been dying off at an alarming rate and that means that real, pure honey is in limited supply.  Domestic honey production is only about 20% of domestic consumption.