Honey – Nature’s Elixir

Honey is good for many things.  Some proven and some assumed.  Not all honey is created equally but all pure honey has some benefits.  Believe it or not, there are some honey’s that just don’t taste good to some people.  Some specific honey’s claim specific healing properties and charge very high prices.  Are the claims real?  Will everyone get the same claimed benefits? Decide for yourself, but just as various foods have different tastes, vitamins and minerals (black eyed peas are different than snap peas – duh), not all honeys have exactly the same taste profile.

So, how do you decide on what honey is best? The best honey is one that you know is pure and that tastes good to you.  Real honey is not diluted from other sweetners (hint: Many honey labels only list what the FDA requires and that doesn’t always tell you all you should know).  So is buying honey complicated?  No.  Try as many honey’s as you can find and discover one that you like to eat every day.  If the honey is 100% sourced domestically, there is a very good chance that it is pure and healthy.  And, if you eat it everyday, there is a great chance that you will feel first hand many health benefits.

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