Small Batch Raw Honey, Premium 24 oz. Glass Jar

Small Batch Raw Honey, Premium 24 oz. Glass Jar


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Raw, pure, unfiltered honey.  Our promise: We raise the bees and carefully remove the honey when they have a surplus.  We sell most of our honey to premium bottlers who specialize in bottling 100% American honey. A small amount of our unblended honey is bottled specially for you.  When we run out, we are out until next season. We love our bees, and we think it shows in the quality of the honey that we put in the bottle for you.  This mild flavored honey is light amber in color with nectar sources including Huajilla, Sweet Clover, Alfalfa, and Sunflower depending on the time of year.  Family owned and operated.  Please contact us at 844-SR Honey or if you are looking for honey specifically from one of these nectar sources.

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